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TE MANO O TIPENE - St Stephens Old Boys Association

St Stephens Old Boys Association Inaugural Meeting - 1938

The primary purpose of Te Rauhītanga is to actively promote the objects for which St Stephen's School was founded, and to promote the interests of the School (in whatever form that may be), and to this end, to pursue the following secondary objects;


  1. to actively assist with the re-establishment and re-opening of the School;

  2. to further the education of students of the School (when re-opened) by offering scholarships and prizes for proficiency in school work, cultural pursuits, or sports, and by direct financial support of pupils attending the School, and by any other means that may be decided upon at a General Meeting of Te Rauhītanga;

  3. to assist with financing facilities, amenities, or any other activities of the School;

  4. to keep Old Boys in touch with, and maintain their interest in, one another and the School, and to secure the support of Old Boys in furthering the interests of the School and of its Old Boys;

  5. to enhance the traditions of the School;

  6. to maintain and preserve records and memorabilia that are or may be of interest to Old Boys and the School;

  7. to encourage Old Boys of the School to send their sons, mokopuna, uri (descendents) to the School;

  8. to competently administer the assets of Te Rauhītanga;

  9. generally, to do or cause to be done anything determined by Te Tāhuhu to be necessary, incidental or conducive to any of the above objects.

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